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From Mark Wielaard <m...@klomp.org>
Subject ANN: gjdoc 0.7.7 released
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 09:04:05 GMT
We are pleased to announce gjdoc release 0.7.7.

gjdoc is the GNU documentation generation framework for
java source files. gjdoc is part of GNU Classpath Tools:

This is mostly a bug-fix release. This makes gjdoc much more robust when
dealing with invalid documentation tags or source code and it is now
possible to generate the whole javadocs for eclipse using gjdoc out of
the box.

New in release 0.7.7

* Bug fix release
  - gjdoc/24457: NPE for @see tag
  - gjdoc/24474: StackOverflowError in reflexive expressions
  - gjdoc/24501: gjdoc doesn't compile
  - gjdoc/24508: Files weren't generated for packages with names like
  - gjdoc/24509: gjdoc is not able to use the javadocs from java.sun.com
  - gjdoc/24510: gjdoc have problems the -linkoffline
  - gjdoc/24507: The overview-summary.html are not generated
  - gjdoc/24553: Problem with @link tags in parameter descriptions
  - gjdoc/24722: Problems with single line comments between method

Thanks to Stephan Michels, David Gilbert, Julian Scheid and Michael Koch
for reporting bugs, suggesting and testing fixes and preparing the

The latest release of GNU gjdoc can always be found at

This new version of gjdoc has been used to generate class
documentation for the GNU Classpath CVS source files:

Escape the Java Trap with GNU Classpath!

Join the community at http://planet.classpath.org/

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