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From David Tanzer <stru...@guglhupf.net>
Subject This (and last) week on harmony-dev (Nov. 28 - Dec. 11 2005)
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2005 21:07:40 GMT
This edition of the summaries covers two weeks of harmony development
again. In the week from Nov. 28 to Dec. 03 there was a long legal
discussion in the thread "Full Disclosure" [1] started by Leo Simmons
(Leo just wrote a few words about a meeting with Mark Wielaard and this
turned into a licensing and legal discussion). It was generally about
the compatibility of licenses (AL2 with GPL, GPL+Exception or LGPL) and
what can / should be done to achieve better interoperability between the
free Java projects. There was more legal discussion in the thread "ASF
has been shipping GPL exception stuff for years and still is ;)" [2]
started by Dalibor Topic and "[Licensing/Community] Fresh start" [3]
started by Tim Ellison, but in this thread the OSGi - discussion
(summarized later) started too. I don't really want to go into more
details about these legal discussions, I just post the links to the
first emails in the threads.

Stepan Mishura started the thread "failed to use xml formatter on
contributions combination" where he describes a problem when running
unit tests on the combination of the contributions from Intel and IBM.
Matt Benson pointed out a bug in ant which seems to be the same problem.

The vote "[vote] accept JIRA contribution HARMONY-14 (IBMs contribution
of core classlib, native support and vm/classlib interface)" was
accepted with 8 +1s (Geir's count, I counted 9. I too counted only one
of Anindo Ghosh's votes ;), no 0s or -1s.

There was some discussion I had with Archie Cobbs in the thread
"[jchevm] Porting JCHEVM to OSX/PPC" [4] where he helped me to make it
finally compile and link under OSX (although it doesn't run yet). Later
this week I have committed my work so far [5]. Geir Magnusson Jr.
renamed this thread into "Where do we put it?" [6] where we discussed
some things about our SVN policy because I have asked if I should commit
my changes to a branch. I'm still not really sure if we have a SVN
policy or not, but at least my question was answered.

In the thread "Building Choices" (which was mainly an ant vs. make vs.
something else discussion in the last weeks) Andrey Chernyshev mentioned
some more problems with make and announced that he is working on a "full
ant-based build system which would allow to build the provided class
libraries contributions".

In "Where to place the core classlib code?" Geir Magnusson Jr. asked
where in the svn repository the classlib code should be placed
("enhanced/trunk/classlib" vs. "enhanced/classlib/trunk"). The
discussion was also about how to divide harmony into subprojects so that
they can be developed independently but that build sanity can be
guaranteed. There was also some discussion about the build and testing
process and about test suits (mauve vs. JUnit).

Dalibor Topic renamed the thread"[Licensing/Community] Fresh start" to
"[Technical] VM Interface/OSGi discussion" where the discussion about
the VM Interface and OSGi was continued. The discussion here was if the
VM/Class Library interface could be built up using OSGi and which
minimum requirements the VM must implement to achieve this.

Stepan Mishura asked in "Kerberos service provider" if we should move
all Kerberos functionality to provider layer of the JAAS framework.
Peter Edworthy answered that it is already pluggable and would only
affect the class library. Aaron Hamid replied that it is pluggable at
the module level but that an app would still require reconfiguration on
different platforms because different Kerberos modules are needed, so
this question is relevant to us. He mentioned that OSGi could be
applicable to this area.

Enrico Migliore asked when the harmony project roadmap was about to be
available and Geir Magnusson answered listing some things which he wants
to be done in the near future [7]. George Harley asked about a problem
with the MANIFEST.MF file of the security.jar in the contribution from
Intel, Stepan Mishura answered he will add the correstponding files to
the repository[8]. Remy Suen asked where to get the kernel.jar in the
contribution from IBM, George Harley answered that this is assumed to be
provided by the VM but and that he should download the IBM Development
Package for Apache Harmony [9]. Archie Cobbs has removed more
ELF-related stuff from JCHEVM, so now porting should be easier [10].

Regards, David.

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