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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <ge...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Full disclosure
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 11:55:23 GMT

On Dec 2, 2005, at 3:23 PM, Elliott Draper wrote:

> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> *snip*
>> Sometimes, it's easier to rewrite some code than to convince  
>> people to relicense.
>> *snip*
> Perhaps this is one of those times? I don't wish to negate the  
> valiant efforts of those trying to resolve the licensing issues,  
> but I think that as an aside, maybe it'd be worthwhile to start a  
> class library project all of our own?

We have one started :)   The recent IBM and Intel contributions are  
exactly that.

> In time, if the licensing issues with other projects were resolved,  
> then there would be nothing to stop us trying to integrate the best  
> of all worlds, and trying to combine all the available classlib  
> offerings to provide one open-source free implementation under the  
> Harmony banner.

Yes - or give users choices.  That's my hope for the modularity and  
interface work we've been discussing.

> I for one haven't had any exposure to the source code of any of the  
> classlib projects out there currently, I guess that would be a  
> factor in who would be able to contribute to a new classlib  
> codebase... The real question though is there any interest in this?  
> Is there anyone else on this list who like me is itching to write  
> and contribute some new code to the project, and who would be  
> interested in starting to implement the class libraries? :-)

see enhanced/trunk/sandbox/contribs/ibm_core in SVN

> Thoughts, comments welcome.
> Cheers,
> -= El =-

Geir Magnusson Jr                                  +1-203-665-6437

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