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From Andrey Chernyshev <a.y.chernys...@gmail.com>
Subject [arch] Harmony VM & JSR166 integration
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 16:38:20 GMT
I've been thinking a bit about the java.util.concurrent package, and
how we might want to approach it here in Harmony. What kind of
modifications one may need to do for VM in order to support
util.concurrent package in the most efficient way? To my
understanding, the original design of the JSR166 implied quite limited
support at VM level. It basically included only 3 points of
-          System.nanoTime() method (no other means to get nanosecond
precision time);
-          Park/unpark methods for
java.util.concurrent.locks.LockSupport class (suspend/resume can't be
used for this because of race condition issues);
-          Field atomic update methods for java.util.concurrent.atomic
classes (they might be too slow if implemented via conventional
synchronized section)

It seems the rest of the code can just be a pure Java. Do people on
the list think the above set will be sufficient to achieve the right
level of cooperation between VM and util.concurrent?

Thank you,
Andrey Chernyshev
Intel Managed Runtime Division

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