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From Enrico Migliore <enrico.migli...@fatti.com>
Subject Re: compiling JCHEVM with MSVC
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 08:26:17 GMT
Hi Archie,

> Hi Enrico,
> Unfortunately JCHEVM requires the GCC compiler right now.


> It would take some nontrivial work to port it to MSVC.

I'm trying to figure out how far is your code from a successful build
with MSVC on Win2000. That is, at the end of this work, I want to have
a clear picture of which source files are 100% OS/architecture independent
and which are OS/architecture dependent.

One of the problem I'm facing right now, are the memory management 
you call. for example, Windows doesn't have the mmap() function,
therefore, at the moment, I must supply a dummy mmap() implementation,
in order to proceed.

The other problem I got is that I don't have the files and the macros, 
by the automake and autoconf tools, and I need them as a reference.
In order to for me to proceed I need to take a look at the source tree 
by automake and autoconf. Could anybody send me the tree built for Linux?

> In any case, this error:
>   D:\projects\harmony-jcvm\jcvm\libjc\jc_invoke.c(81) : error C2059: 
> syntax error : '['
> I believe is not a GCC-specific issue... that syntax is a C99
> extension to standard C (I believe).. for example:
>   http://docs.sun.com/source/819-0494/c99.app.html#pgfId-1004206
yes, I think it's a C99 issue. I think I have to upgrade my VC 6.0 compiler

> Cheers,
> -Archie



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