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From Elliott Draper ...@eldiablo.co.uk>
Subject Re: The Unofficial "Harmony, Licensing, the Universe and everything" FAQ
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 18:58:27 GMT
Hi there!

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> *snip*
>  1) the two projects need a middle ground, a philosophy-neutral 
> licensed interface code that can be used by both and implemented by 
> all the pieces of the puzzle. I would suggest something like 
> http://www.openvm.org/ and an MIT license. Both projects can use it, 
> both projects can implement it, both projects can decide to adhere to 
> it for sake of immediate reusability *and* clear license virality 
> isolation.

This sounds like a great idea to me.

> *snip*
> And my personal history tells, in fact, that it's a lot easier to 
> write some code than to change somebody's mind, so I'm not that 
> obsessed with collaboration in terms of code sharing.

I agree with this too; and I'm sure there are plenty of people like me 
who would really like to get stuck in and write some code, especially 
for those areas where so far "legal issues" have halted any progress :-D

> But I do think that the API interface middle ground would go a long 
> way to allow easier connection of all the pieces together.
> So, real question: how many people here would participate in such a VM 
> API (can't call it *J*!) effort if it was hosted not by the ASF or by 
> the FSF and licensed under a neutral MIT license?
> Note, I also volunteer to host it.
> Thoughts, comments?
I would definitely be interested in something like this. I have been 
pretty silent so far, as I have to admit I don't understand ALL of the 
license issues that are causing problems. However I know that this 
sounds like a good idea, and I also know I'd love to contribute in some 
way. So count me in :-)

-= El =-

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