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From "David N. Welton" <dav...@dedasys.com>
Subject Re: half-baked idea? j2me
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 09:12:34 GMT
Robin Garner wrote:
> Rodrigo Kumpera wrote:
>> AFAIK IKVM, sablevm and jamvm all run on portable devices.
>> Developing a j2me jvm is not as easier as it seens, first, the
>> footprint and execution performance must be really optimized, so
>> expect a LOT of assembly coding.

A serious JIT compiler is going to require some low level work as well.
 I think the strategy would be to provide an optimized C reference
version and then let people provide further optimizations to that as
they see fit.

> Back to the language wars again :)  This does not necessarily follow. 
> Try googling for the 'squawk' VM - they had a poster at OOPSLA last
> week.  This is a java-in-java virtual machine targetted at embedded
> devices.  The core VM runs in 80KB of memory.  Device drivers are all
> written in Java.

The first thing you'd probably want to do in any case is an emulator...
although this already exists and is quite nice:


>From my quick glance at the code, I don't think it's checking to make
sure that you  stick to the MIDP profile - it's basically just an
implementation of the lcdui GUI code.

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