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From "bootjvm@earthlink.net" <boot...@earthlink.net>
Subject Current changes to bootJVM source base
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 22:04:29 GMT


I've just completed a round of changes to the
bootJVM source that takes it a good part of the
way toward my goal of having all the source
code complete and ready for some preliminary
integration testing.  If you do SVN update on
revision 330925, you will get the latest stuff.

Notice that I have uncluttered the top-level
directory by moving some files into a new
'support' subdirectory.  This should help
folks who are just getting started, but don't
be surprised by a few things moving around!
There are some other similar adjustments for
similar reasons, but this is the most visible one.
Hopefully this structure is now shaken down
enough that we will not need to do any more
of this for a while.

I'm still pluggin' on the opcodes and hope to
have the remainder of them done by this time
next week.

Thanks to everyone who has been interacting
with the bootJVM source base.  I am getting
excited about what we as a team will be able
to do with it, and in the not too distant future!

Dan Lydick

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