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From David Tanzer <stru...@guglhupf.net>
Subject This week on harmony-dev (Nov. 21 - Nov. 27 2005)
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2005 20:14:41 GMT
In the thread "compiling JCHEVM with MSVC", Ashish Ranjan suggested to
use MINGW and MSYS "to build native executables with gcc on ms-windows
platform". Geir Magnusson Jr. suggested to create binary snapshots of
the harmony stuff for people to play with. There was some more 
discussion about the problems with JCHEVM and MSVC.

There was some discussion about the build process in the thread
"Code contribution to harmony" which was then renamed to "Building
choices". Andrey Chernyshev posted some some potential issues with a
mixed approach (using ant and make in the build process). Tim Ellison
answered this concerns. Graeme Johnson gave a good argument for make:
it makes the bootstrapping easier, since ant relies on an installed
java system. As a reply in this thread, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote an
interesting email called "Keeping Social Dynamics in Mind" where he
writes which social impact such a choice can have (and some other
interesting things).

Mikhail Loenko wrote in "Contribution of security, crypto, and x-net
libraries" that they are working on integrating the contribution with
the contribution from IBM and that they "hope to summarize the problems
shortly and mail them to harmony-dev list". Leo Simons replied that
"you are more than welcome to do such 'sorting out' on this mailing list
rather than just send out summaries when its done" so we can get more
people involved in this discussion. Later this week, Stepan Mishura
posted a summary of the integration issues, and Tim Ellison offered to

I started the thread "[jchevm] Porting JCHEVM to OSX/PPC" when I started
to port JCHEVM to OSX because I had some questions. Archie Cobbs helped
me with some of the issues.Steve Liao answered last weeks email from 
Kazuyuki Shudo with several technical details about separate jit threads
vs. using application threads and simultanious jitting. Rodrigo Kumpera,
who has offered to contribute a JVM he has written in Java some time
ago, wrote about the status of this development and mentioned that he is
still willing to contribute it but he wants to solve some problems
before he does. At the moment there's a vote to accept HARMONY-14 into
the sandbox running: "[vote] accept JIRA contribution HARMONY-14 (IBMs
contribution of core classlib, native support and vm/classlib
interface)", the result should be availiable next week.

Regards, David.

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