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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <ge...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Code contribution to harmony
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 11:45:26 GMT
Thanks Tim!

A few comments, wearing my Apache hat of course (n.b I am an IBM  
employee as well).

0) We need to go through the bulk contribution process for this  
donation (of course).  I have an outstanding to-do on that, which is  
to wrap up the bulk contrib rules.  I have a proposal that I'll bring  
to the dev list later today.  Many of the following statements are  
made with the assumption that we will work through this process  
successfully, and the project will vote to accept this contribution.

1) This is our most significant donation we have received to date (in  
terms of maturity and size, I think) and I encourage everyone to  
start to play with it.  I think of Harmony as a big freight train and  
with this contribution builds on the contributions of Dan, Archie,  
David, and all the others and the train is starting to move.  The  
nice thing about a lot of mass is that even small velocities result  
in very large momentum :)

2) Combined with the VM that IBM is making available _for  
evaluation_, there is a very low barrier to entry to get people up  
and working with this.  Tim and his team have gone to great pains to  
make this easy to evaluate and use (only to be foiled at the end by  
our 10MB upload limit on JIRA, hence the two zip files...) so I  
encourage everyone to take some time to play, inspect and of course,  
ask questions.

3) I want to emphasize that IBM is making their VM available to help  
us evaluate and develop this further until we get our own open source  
VM underneath it.   The VM (for which a link will be posted later) is  
not being contributed to the project, or licensed for any other  
use.   It is proprietary software under a proprietary license.  It is  
useful to us because it supports the VM/classlibrary interface that  
the IBM donation implements, so we can start evaluation and testing  

4) To that end, I can think of a few things we can do to get started :

  a) Get our own current crop of VMs working with it - bootVM and  

  b) Help to get Kaffe working with the library interface - see what  
it takes to get Kaffe to support this interface as well (if they  
want), so we have a more mature free VM that supports the interface.

  c) Help to get GNU Classpath supporting the interface (if they  
want) so that GNU Classpath can run on the evaluation VM.

The point here is to continue to focus on our cross-project  
interoperability and modularity interests, with this important  
interface as a starting point.  The other benefit of this is that we  
can start gump-ing this stuff ASAP :)

I'm sure I'll have things I want to add once I hit "send"...



On Nov 8, 2005, at 5:49 AM, Tim Ellison wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> I'm delighted to be able to make a code contribution to the Harmony
> project on behalf of IBM.  The code comprises a concrete  
> implementation
> of the interface between virtual machine and class library that we  
> have
> been discussing recently, together with a set of core Java  
> classes.  The
> aim is to ground the discussion in reality and provide an opportunity
> for people to collaborate on enhancements and improvements to actual
> code.  The Java classes are a subset of Java SE 1.4.2 APIs  
> sufficient to
> run Ant and the Eclipse Java compiler, to provide a basic self-hosting
> environment.  Some of the types are simply stubs to enable full
> recompilation of the Java code.  The ZIP also includes HTML
> documentation for the VM interface.
> I've uploaded the contribution here:
>    http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-14
> The expected MD5 sums are:
> 73ade240df20dec481806130fc8b4875 *Harmony-contribution_Part-1-of-2.zip
> bc9117d9b4af113eaf5250883d1ce669 *Harmony-contribution_Part-2-of-2.zip
> A number of people were involved with getting the code ready for
> contribution (too many to name individually!), and they have done a  
> fine
> job.  There is still plently of work to do; for example, we renamed  
> some
> code to "Hy", but some still has a "com.ibm" prefix.  The code needs
> bringing up to the project goal of supporting 5.0 APIs.  It is  
> targeted
> at Windows and Linux on Intel 32-bit machines.  Now it is everyone's
> code, join in!
> In the meantime we are working on making a VM available for download
> (under a binary evaluation license) from IBM's DeveloperWorks site  
> that
> implements the class library interface.  By getting the VM and  
> unzipping
> into the same directory you can run the contributed code and try out
> your changes.
> I'll post the URL for the VM download (as soon as I know it) as a
> follow-up to this mail -- it could take a couple of days to organize.
> Just to avoid confusion, the DeveloperWorks VM not a regular IBM JRE.
> It is a VM being made available to enable Harmony development and is
> _not_ a contribution.
> Regards,
> Tim
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> Tim Ellison (t.p.ellison@gmail.com)
> IBM Java technology centre, UK.
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