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From Tanuj Mathur <tanujmat...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Compilers and configuration tools
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 13:47:21 GMT

> >   It is only the actual IDE that is commercial, with the Express
> > Editions estimated to cost $49 per copy (although the betas are free,
> > as Devanum pointed out).
> Right - but still - we can't force people to go buy Express.

  Just to clear up any confusion, the VC++ 2003 command line compiler
and the required utilities and libraries are available as a free
download, exactly like GCC.
  It is not necessary to have the Visual C++ IDE in order to make use
of the compiler. There are a number of free C++ IDE's available that
can integrate with multiple compilers at the backend, including the
VC++ 2003 compiler. The Code::Blocks and Relo IDEs come to mind.
  Also, I believe that MS plans to release the compiler toolkit for
the upcoming Visual C++ 2005 as a free download (once the product is
officially released in the market). That's another standards
compliant, optimizing compiler for us to play with.
  So i don't think there are any commercial dependencies that we have
to worry about as far as supporting MSVC is concerned.

- tanuj

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