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From jlo...@br.ibm.com
Subject Re: Compilers and configuration tools
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 21:24:18 GMT
>Rivaaj Jumna wrote:
>> Hi
>> This may be a bit off topic but what does a harmony developers desktop 
>> like? My reason for asking is that I've been groomed on developing 
using an
>> ide in the windows environemnt, Visual Studio 6.0 and the like.
>> What sort of tools would one use on a Linux environment, eclipse cdt
>> perhaps? I'm not afraid of command lines, :-) but they're a barrier to 
>> for someone like myself who would just like to explore the code base.
>> Regards
>> Rivaaj
>Grab "cygwin" and install a bash shell for windows, the GCC compiler, 
>automake, make and vi.  Do not install emacs because it has a speech 

Sure, let´s all just forget about cheese-burgers & fries and start eating 
vegetables because they are really healthy food and sustain as any other 
one (:-P). You could still use vi (i some times do), as you can still 
program asc under 8086, but if you really want to increase your 
productivity start using a UI. There are a lot of tools to write C/C++ 
code, i basically use LCC to develop C plain code, but Eclipse CDT is a 
very good UI, you will only have to download a C/C++ compiler (CDT dosen´t 
come with a compiler) like gcc, or even MVC++ running under wine (or 
something like that, i don´t know any one who actually used MVC under 

Andy, dont get mad at me, this is just my point of view, and i tend to 
admire oldies (:-)) who are still running things under vi.


>There is a certain bias I have that tends to think that visual 
>programmers do not tend to be able to write compilers and the such.  If 
>command lines are a barrier to entry, wait till you meet hexcodes and 
>relocatable memory addressing.  However that may just be that I'm a 
>command line junkie and a bit of a techno-bigot.


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