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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <ge...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Get involved on Harmony
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 17:45:48 GMT

On Oct 24, 2005, at 11:54 AM, bootjvm@earthlink.net wrote:

> Ashwin,
> I can't speak for our fearless leader (namely, Geir Magnusson, Jr.,
> the list moderator), but I can say that if you simply jump in and
> join this list, you will surely find something that either (1)  
> interests
> you, or (2) you know something about, or (3) both.

Correct except for :

1) I'm not fearless
2) I'm not the leader.  We're all peers :)

> We need people who _do_ know something about a topic as well as people
> who do _not_ know.  For example, myself.  I have worked with Java  
> for a
> good while, and I have some good experience in Unix, Windows, and
> real-time systems.  Therefore, I felt I could write a JVM for this
> project.  However, I do _not_ know anything about Java memory  
> allocation
> and de-allocation (known as "garbage collection") systems, as is  
> evident
> from recent list postings.  However, several other people do.  Their
> experience will fill in my gap and I will learn something along the  
> way.

Exactly.  For example, I'm trying to cover the "have people who don't  
know" aspect, as I don't have a clue :)

Welcome... just get involved.


> We encourage your participation at whatever level you would like to
> contribute.  Keep reading and you will find your niche!
> Best regards,
> Dan Lydick
>> [Original Message]
>> From: Stuart, Ashwin <ashwins@nds.com>
>> To: Apache Harmony Bootstrap JVM <bootjvm@earthlink.net>;
> <harmony-dev@incubator.apache.org>
>> Date: 10/24/05 12:20:38 AM
>> Subject: RE: Get involved on Harmony
>> Hi guys,
>> I've had a similar thing to say as Joao. I didn't write to the  
>> mailing li=
>> st because I wanted to be sure the instructions/details in the  
>> page were =
>> sufficient. However, I haven't found one piece of information on  
>> the harm=
>> ony pages: what are the exact technologies you want people to know  
>> so as =
>> to participate in this venture. I am very excited about this  
>> project and =
>> this clarification will help a lot.
>> Thanks,
>> Ashwin
>> =20
>> -----Original Message-----
>> Good afternoon, Jo=E3o, and welcome!
>> I'm not Geir, but I would like to greet you anyway.  My name is  
>> Dan Lydic=
>> k.  I'm in just about the same place you are, having joined up  
>> only recen=
>> tly with the ASF.  You don't have to be a committer to be involved.
>> Just follow this e-mail list to see what is going on and add your  
>> comment=
>> s to the discussion.
>> I have just written a Java Virtual Machine as a starting point for  
>> the Ha=
>> rmony project and I would welcome your evaluation and comments on  
>> it.  My=
>>  next cut will have all of the Java bytecodes implemented and Java  
>> progra=
>> ms will be able to be run on it then.
>> If you will look at the Harmony e-mail archive for the past few  
>> days, you=
>>  will find that I have been having an e-mail discussion with  
>> several peop=
>> le.  Please feel free to add to this discussion and to find a  
>> subject of =
>> interest.  Start your own thread on questions you may have.  We  
>> are all i=
>> n this project together and your contribution is important!
>> Best regards,
>> Dan Lydick

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