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From Rodrigo Kumpera <kump...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Changes to bootjvm 0.0.0 coming soon
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 20:26:42 GMT
These are really good news Dan!

I think we could start writing test code for the runtime functionality
like proper null checks, array bounds, class initialization,
synchronization and such.

On 10/17/05, Apache Harmony Bootstrap JVM <bootjvm@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Everyone,
> I've been working hard on changes the bootjvm 0.0.0
> code that I contributed recently.  There have been a
> number of valuable critiques, especially involving
> portability issues.  I have taken a hard look at these
> and found a number of things that need adjustment,
> plus some plain ol' bugs.  Some of these have to do
> with structure packing, some with big-endian versus
> little-endian processing.  Thanks to everyone who
> commented on the list and off on various of these
> issues.  Thanks in particular to Geir for his efforts
> in porting the code to the CygWin environment and
> his continuing effort porting it to the Max OS-X platform.
> When I am done checking in this round of changes, I will
> label it as release 0.0.1.  In addition to Geir's changes, it will
> contain some improvements in the distribution procedures,
> an all-around firming up in the documentation, adjustments
> to the (optional) Eclipse build procedures, a structural change
> to the JVM stack frame layout, portability and architecture
> fixes, improved diagnostic message utilities, more of the
> JVM opcodes are implemented, and some minor bug fixes.
> This will enable me to get back into finishing up the one module
> I was still working on when the initial code was contributed,
> namely the final round of JVM opcodes as found in the source
> 'jvm/src/opcode.c'.  When I finish up this module, we will have
> a real, live, working JVM.  It will be labled as release 0.0.2.
> At that point, we will need everyone's help working on regression
> testing, especially with real, live Java class files so we can test
> the strength of the JVM instruction implementation.  We will need
> to add native support to things like exit(), open(), close(), println()
> and other OS calls, plus a number of other items.  A list will be
> forthcoming as to how you can get involved in helping to make
> this JVM into a living, breathing component of Harmony.
> Thanks to everyone who has contributed and commented to date
> on my work.  I look forward to working with all of you!
> Best regards,
> Dan Lydick
> P.S. I'm going to be using this project-specific e-mail address for
> correspondence concerning the bootstrap JVM so that I can hopefully
> organize myself better, keeping BootJVM issues all together and not
> accidentally miss any correspondence.  My SVN commits will have my
> main e-mail address on it so the repository is not aliased, but I hope to
> do all the talking on this one.  Thanks again.

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