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From acoli...@apache.org
Subject Re: [project policy] Author credit and attribution
Date Sun, 02 Oct 2005 04:22:08 GMT
I prefer them.  I've never had any of the problems that happened in 
Avalon or other projects in any project I've been involved in.  Author 
tags do not signify ownership, they signify "I wuz here".  They are also 
a principle reason that a lot of newbies get involved in open source 
because they can point potential employers to look at code that they 
wrote (I know a few of this).

They also make it WAY more convienient to say "Hey andy why did you do 
this dumb thing here?" rather than have to figure out who did that dumb 

I do recommend omitting email addresses as those just help spammers and 
tend to create useless name change commits.

I'm also the most guilty offender of forgetting to include my @author 
tag on projects that require it :-)


Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> Might as well do this, now that we are getting in code by the bucketful.
> One of the fundamental notions of an Apache project is the notion of  
> community ownership - that this is _our_ project, collectively.   
> However, this collective project is composed of significant  individual 
> contributions, contributions which we want to recognize.   So the 
> problem we have to solve is how to balance these two ideas.
> The Apache Board has recommended that projects not employ author tags  
> in their source code.  The main motivation for this recommendation is  
> to remove "territorial ownership" from code.
> I've worked in projects that did it, and some that didn't.  When tags  
> were there, I think it gave people a chance to 'sign' their work, and  
> I'll be the first to admit that when I did my first-ever commit that  
> had my name on it, I was proud!  It's a natural thing to be proud of  
> our work.  The flip side was that I've seen it lead to people  believing 
> they "own" a piece of code because of the tags, I've seen  "keeping up 
> with the joneses" where every contributor adds an author  tag, no matter 
> what, leading to strange feelings about what is the  level that makes on 
> an "author"....  For example, reformatting w/  eclipse?
> When we started Geronimo, we decided to not use author tags, and  we've 
> never looked back - it just didn't matter.
> Now, if you look around the foundation codebases, there are author  tags 
> historically, and some projects just chose to ignore the  recommendation 
> and use them.
> My preference is to not have them here in Apache Harmony, but that  
> said, I want to make sure that contributors are recognized for both  
> general participation as well as significant 'bulk' contributions.   To 
> solve that, I can think of two things offhand :
> 1) We should have a page like the HTTP project (you know, the "Apache  
> webserver")
>    http://httpd.apache.org/contributors/
> where we have a list of our committers and their ongoing activities,  
> and a section noting the contributions that the project accepted.
> 2) In order to get attribution closer to the code, we could also have  
> an "AUTHORS" file per module, so that we'd easily know who is working  
> on what - if you are a committer working on a module, you'd add your  
> name to the list.  Additionally, if there was a bulk contribution  that 
> seeded a module (like the three contribs we have now), we can  have a 
> note about that at the top of the AUTHORS file such as  "ArchieVM 
> originally contributed by Archie Cobbs"  (yeah, I know we  aren't 
> calling it ArchieVM...) or something like that.
> Thoughts?
> geir

Andrew C. Oliver
SuperLink Software, Inc.

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