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From Francisco Andrades Grassi <fandra...@nextj.com>
Subject Re: Compilers and configuration tools
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 14:15:52 GMT

Tanuj Mathur wrote:
> Hey,
>>>   It is only the actual IDE that is commercial, with the Express
>>> Editions estimated to cost $49 per copy (although the betas are free,
>>> as Devanum pointed out).
>> Right - but still - we can't force people to go buy Express.
>   Just to clear up any confusion, the VC++ 2003 command line compiler
> and the required utilities and libraries are available as a free
> download, exactly like GCC.

That's not correct. GCC is Free Software, VC++ 2003 compiler, although a 
free-of-charge download, is propritary software (you don't have access 
to the source and can't create derivative works under any circumstance). 
Even more, I believe the license on the VC++ 2003 compiler does not 
allow you to run commercial applications.

Please do not compare the proprietary compiler from Microsoft with GCC 
in terms of 'free availability'. You may not like the GPL license on GCC 
(which I really like), but that another issue.

Francisco Andrades Grassi
Tlf: +58-414-125-7415

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