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From acoli...@apache.org
Subject Re: Compilers and configuration tools
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 14:24:19 GMT

> Sure, let?s all just forget about cheese-burgers & fries and start eating 
> vegetables because they are really healthy food and sustain as any other 
> one (:-P). You could still use vi (i some times do), as you can still 
> program asc under 8086, but if you really want to increase your 
> productivity start using a UI. There are a lot of tools to write C/C++ 
> code, i basically use LCC to develop C plain code, but Eclipse CDT is a 
> very good UI, you will only have to download a C/C++ compiler (CDT dosen?t 
> come with a compiler) like gcc, or even MVC++ running under wine (or 
> something like that, i don?t know any one who actually used MVC under 
> wine).
> Andy, dont get mad at me, this is just my point of view, and i tend to 
> admire oldies (:-)) who are still running things under vi.

Humm...you work at IBM....<insert appropriate comment about OS/390, AIX, 
and JCL here>

I use vi because one of my first professional jobs was working in 
Alabama at a state government place.  I'd been working on OS/2 and had 
little exposure to UNIX.  When I sat down and had to change a few config 
files I looked up at this crusty ol' programmer and said "what's the 
editor called on this thing"... he got visibly annoyed with me and said 
"Son, I don know how they do things up* there in Florida, but you in the 
Bible belt now.  There are two things you need to know:  God created the 
world in 6 days, and he did it with VEEEEE, EYYYYYYEEE."

Since I couldn't argue with that impeccable logic my love affair with 
things that did not make me wait began.  I'm only now beginning to use 
IDEs with Java due to annotations and things, but you have to admit...it 
is slowwwwwwwwww. and gets in your way.


* Florida is one of those states that every true southerner knows is in 
a time-space warp.  While it is actually "up there" in the North with 
all those yankees, one must drive below "the south" to get there.  Thus 
although I grew up in a state that most folks would locate on the globe 
"south", I will never have the honor of being a true southerner because 
I grew up "north" in Florida.  There are alternative theories of how 
Florida got "down there" (which is really "up there") many of which 
theorize that it had premonition of Castro and broke off of Cuba and ran 
smack into the southern border of the US a few millenia before Castro 
was born (just for safe measure).  What is important is that proper 
'merican is spoken in Florida and the English language is properly 
normalized to have a plural form of "you" best known as "Y'all" and that 
it can be properly typed on a US keyboard without straining your 
fingersr too far off the "home row".

>         []s 
>         Jo?o
>>There is a certain bias I have that tends to think that visual 
>>programmers do not tend to be able to write compilers and the such.  If 
>>command lines are a barrier to entry, wait till you meet hexcodes and 
>>relocatable memory addressing.  However that may just be that I'm a 
>>command line junkie and a bit of a techno-bigot.

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