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From Graham Smith <gra...@crazysquirrel.com>
Subject Re: Get involved on Harmony
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 09:03:53 GMT
On Monday 24 October 2005 18:45, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> Correct except for :
> 1) I'm not fearless
> 2) I'm not the leader.  We're all peers :)

Yes boss. Erm peer :)

> > We need people who _do_ know something about a topic as well as people
> > who do _not_ know.  For example, myself.  I have worked with Java
> > for a
> > good while, and I have some good experience in Unix, Windows, and
> > real-time systems.  Therefore, I felt I could write a JVM for this
> > project.  However, I do _not_ know anything about Java memory
> > allocation
> > and de-allocation (known as "garbage collection") systems, as is
> > evident
> > from recent list postings.  However, several other people do.  Their
> > experience will fill in my gap and I will learn something along the
> > way.
> Exactly.  For example, I'm trying to cover the "have people who don't
> know" aspect, as I don't have a clue :)
> Welcome... just get involved.

I'm in a similar position to Joäo. I've been reading this list for a few weeks 
thinking that I might be able to help with the harmony project but don't 
understand most of what is said (which I find very depressing) as it all 
seems to be C related.

I've been a Java developer (web applications mostly) for a longer than I care 
to think about while sober but wouldn't know C from Perl. This makes me think 
that, at present at least, I probably won't be able to have much input. 

AIUI though harmony will eventually write it's own core class libraries 
(java.util, java.sql, javax.swing, etc etc ) which is where I think I could 
be most productive.

What I suppose I am trying to ask is what area(s) do you think I would be most 
useful working in? What I am hoping is that someone with a good understanding 
of the project will be able to point me in the direction of an overview or 
towards areas that best fit my current skills which will help get me started. 
I've not worked on a project this large before and it's quite daunting to be 
faced with the whole project all at once.



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