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From Apache Harmony Bootstrap JVM <boot...@earthlink.net>
Subject Re: Changes to bootjvm 0.0.0 coming soon
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 22:57:08 GMT


For testing threading, I think the simpler the better.
Probably some of the canonical examples from basic
Java books would be a good place to start.  Right now,
I don't have too much of the native OS and library calls
implemented in JNI, but that might be something
someone could help with.  Even lacking these, the
actual C code locations for synchronizing, locking,
etc., could use some sysDbgMsg() calls (diagnostic
messages) to display status results until we get more
library stuff in place.  Then the test classes could be
loaded and tested.  This will be possible under release
0.0.2.  The 0.0.1 release will have most stuff, including
parsing the command line, but it doesn't yet pass
command line parameters into the Java routine
'public static void main()' routine.  0.0.2 will fill in
this blank.

When I get the SSH problems sorted out and get 0.0.1
released, would you mind to get the source and docs and
start looking into what needs to be done to start testing
the threading code?  (They will be in .tar.gz files for easy


Dan Lydick

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From: Rodrigo Kumpera <kumpera@gmail.com>
Sent: Oct 17, 2005 5:40 PM
To: harmony-dev@incubator.apache.org
Subject: Re: Changes to bootjvm 0.0.0 coming soon

Testing the java memory model, and hence threading, is really tricky
and all I can think right now is some testing stuff Doug Lea released
regarding to java.util.concurrent. What I know is that a test to be
worth something, it must be done in a SMP machine. HyperThreading
helps a little, but in a UP setup getting the JMM right is a lot

For the rest I strongly suggest using Mauve, it can test a lot of the
classlib and would be nice to have only one FOSS testsuite for

For conformance of the JVM I think something simpler should be used,
just a way to call static methods of defined classes and gather the
result - no JNI used. Given that we could write very small tests that
could focus on specific implementation details.

I can write a prototype of such tool for bootjvm.


On 10/17/05, Apache Harmony Bootstrap JVM <bootjvm@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Robert,
> By all means!  What do you propose?  I need _everything_
> you have just mentioned.  Which areas are you interested in?
> ...snip...

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