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From David Tanzer <stru...@guglhupf.net>
Subject This week on harmony-dev (Oct. 16 - Oct. 22 2005)
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2005 19:53:11 GMT
This week most of the discussion was about the boot jvm, but there
were some other issues too. One of the shorter discussions was in the
thread "ANN: gjdoc 0.7.6 released": David Gilbert asked what's left
to to before 1.0.0, and Julian Scheid replied that it's mainly bug
fixes for the first major release.

Enrico Migliore compared some C compilers for the speed of the
generated code. Jeroen Frijters pointed out that the code doesn't do
anything and is completely removed by some compilers (resulting in
execution time of 0.0 seconds). Tanuj Mathur helped by testing the
same code with different compilers. Florian Weimer noted that there
is "an explicit check in GCC that prevents the removal of emptyloops".

Dan Lydick announced in "Changes to bootjvm 0.0.0 coming soon" that
he was working on 0.0.1, which came later this week. In the initial
email he explained which changes he plans for 0.0.1 and 0.0.2 of the
BootJVM. Dan, Rodrigo Kumpera, Archie Cobbs, Zsejki Sorin Miklós then
discussed the problems which arise when testing the java memory model
and threading.

In a thread called "Status of the Harmony SVN" Dan discussed with
Rodrigo Kumpera about things to do until 0.0.1 and Dan asked Rodrigo
if he can test it under CygWin, Windows and Linux. Dan also answered
some questions from Robin Garner about the BootJVM in "Bootstrap JVM".
On wednesday, Dan announced that version 0.0.1 of the BootJVM was
available in "Harmony 'bootJVM-0.0.1' release now available". Geir
Magnusson Jr. made clear that "release" has a special meaning in the
ASF and that this was not a release.

In the thread "Some questions about the architecture", Dan Lydick
discussed with Rodrigo Kumpera, Archie Cobbs, Robin Garner and Tom 
Tromey about threads and garbage collection. Dan explained how several
things are done in the BootJVM. There was some discussion about native
threads vs. green threads and how the thread stack is scanned for
references. Robin and Dan discussed about GCs in general where Robin
posted the basic requirements for a GC and Dan explained how he wants
to solve this in BootJVM. Rodrigo, Tom and Dan discussed about
Exceptions and how much the VM has to know about them.

Rodrigo Kumpera started the thread "Small problems building under
cygwin" by describing some problems he had and how they could be solved.
In this discussion it was then mentioned that it's quite difficult to
support different compilers (i.e. GCC and MSVC), but Geir mentioned that
if MSVC was a requirement we'd create a barrier for people who don't
want to get commercial software to build the project. Some porting
issues where discussed in this thread. Dalibor Topic suggested to
use autotools to solve some of these problems, and then there was some
discussion about autotools. Other people involved here: Dan Lydick,
Davanum Srinivas, Leo Simons and Tom Tromey.

Robin Garner posted some problems he had building BootJVM under
linux. This thread was originally named "Build problem on Linux",
Geir later renamed it to "[bootvm] Build" when he suggested to use
either ant or make for the builds. Dan Lydick gave some hints where
these problems come from, how they can be resolved and how the
project can be built. he also mentioned that he'd prefer gmake.
Matt Benson pointed out that ant could do the job with some extras
from http://ant-contrib.sourceforge.net

Rodrigo Kumpera and Dan Lydick discussed about incremental builds
and some macros in the BootJVM code in "[BootJVM] macros that redefine
printf and others". Noel J. Bergman reminded us to bring in the Board 
Report, and Geir answered that he'll be getting it in the next day. João
Lopes asked how one can get involved in the harmony development, and Dan
Lydick explained how he got involved. Dan Lydick asked in "Compilers and
configuration tools" for more comments about this topic. I wrote that I
think we need a coding style guide in "[dev-process] Coding Style Guide"
and Leo Simons posted that he disagrees with some points I made.

Regards, David.

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