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From David Tanzer <stru...@guglhupf.net>
Subject [dev-process] Coding Style Guide
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 14:58:29 GMT
I've just had a look at some C code from jchevm and BootJVM to compare 
the coding style of both contributions. Both use coding styles which are
quite common for C source code but they are slightly different, and I
don't think that's good. We should really define a coding style guide
before even more code is contributed.

I'm not worried about Java code we write, because I assume everyone
agrees to use the Java Coding Conventions from Sun [1] here. Much of the
development in Harmony is done in C at the moment, and we need a coding
style guide here too.

I once suggested to use the Java Coding Conventions in C and C++ code
too [2] (at least where possible, and we'd have to extend them to cover
pre-processor directives and other C/C++ specific things). We could also
use a style like Archie Cobbs or Dan Lydick used in their contributions,
but IMHO we should write it down and then stick to it.

Mark Wielaard provided a link to the project policy of GNU Classpath 
[3], I guess we could get some Ideas from this too.

Regards, David

[1] http://java.sun.com/docs/codeconv/

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