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From "Elford, Chris L" <chris.l.elf...@intel.com>
Subject [Arch] Designing in support for JVMTI in Harmony
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 22:56:23 GMT
Hi all,

JVMTI is a great step forward to supporting extensible profiling and
debug tools. I believe that we should work to ensure that Apache Harmony
implements all JVMTI functionality including optional functionality in
the JVMTI specification. This will ensure that all tools implemented to
the JVMTI standard will work seamlessly on Apache Harmony and will help
make Harmony a vehicle for developing new JVMTI based tools.

It is important to note that the JVMTI interface standard is inherently
extensible. This extensibility interface allows a VM implementation to
expose additional, valuable, profiling interfaces that go beyond what
the JVMTI standard provides.  Apache Harmony should be designed such
that JVMTI support is extensible.  We can then consider suggesting some
of the best of "today's" JVMTI extensions to the JCP to become part of
the followon to JSR 163 for the next generation of JVMTI.

I suggest the following requirements for Apache Harmony:  All well
formed JVMTI agents should function on Apache Harmony.  Harmony should
design its support of the JVMTI interface in an extensible manner to
facilitate experimentation with JVMTI extensions.


Chris Elford
Intel Managed Runtime Division

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