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From Weldon Washburn <weldon...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [arch] VM/Classlibrary Interface (take 2)
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 16:17:04 GMT
On 7/13/05, Graeme Johnson <Graeme_Johnson@ca.ibm.com> wrote:

> During the development of J9 we found that centralizing VM and core class
> library interfaces to the operating system (and keeping these interfaces
> thin) reduces the porting effort.  If there is sufficient interest I can
> follow up with a more detailed description of the J9 portability library.

I think a detailed description of J9 portability library would be a
good idea.  Perhaps you can put it on Harmony wiki.

> The mailing list is probably not the right forum for posting non-trivial
> pieces of code. Geir: What's the right forum for this sort of discussion?
> Graeme Johnson
> J9 VM Team, IBM Canada.

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