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From "Werner Schuster (murphee)" <werner.schus...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [arch] Modular JVM component diagram
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 21:19:21 GMT
Michael Haupt wrote:

>On 8/16/05, Werner Schuster (murphee) <werner.schuster@gmail.com> wrote:
>>It seems that Dolphin will contain a new invoke-[something] bytecode
>>that is suppose to help implementation of dynamic languages;
>do you have a link to more information on that issue?
Graham Hamilton mentioned this in his talk on Dolphin at JavaOne05 (I 
think it was the technical session).
I also  saw a "invokedynamic" bytecode mentioned in some other set of 
JavaOne slides... but that's
about all I know.
 It wasn't mentioned what this bytecode would do, or how this could 
improve dynamic languages.

How about a invokedynamic bytecode that is bundled with a 
box-activation-frame bytecode?
If you invoke a method with invokedynamic, you could use the 
box-activation-frame in it, to box the
activation frame (ie. move it to a heap data structure) and return a 
reference to it.
Oh... and there'd need to be a unbox-activation-frame bytecode as well.

Another idea might be to have a way to do closures easier and more 
performant; some way
to abstract away the activation stack. This could allow the VM to use 
the stack whenever possible,
and to fallback to the heap if necessary.

OK... I haven't thought these through... does anybody else have any 
ideas?  After all, a bytecode
change is the one thing that people have been demanding for ... possibly 
a decade now.

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