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From David Tanzer <stru...@guglhupf.net>
Subject This week on harmony-dev (Aug. 7 - Aug. 13 2005)
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 10:29:49 GMT
I've been asked to post my weekly summary of the postings in the 
harmony-dev mailing list at http://deltalabs.at to this list too,
so here it is. It is also listed in the Java RSS Feed of deltalabs
at http://deltalabs.at/?q=taxonomy/term/3/0/feed

Another week is over and it's again time for this weeks summary of the 
postings at the harmony-dev mailing list. I added links to the emails in
the archive of this list to each paragraph to give you a starting point
for detail recherche if you are interested in this topic.

First important thing: we have contributions! Ian Darwin sent in his
partial javap replacement, and Mladen Turk volunteered vor working on a
jar replacement. He also contributed a native-only implementation:

Some people have asked how to contribute and what's the most important
steps for someone who is new to the project (i.e. where to find
important information and what's to be done). This is basically
explained here:
http://incubator.apache.org/harmony/get-involved.html, and following the
mailing list for some time is surely helpful too. Hopefully some time in
the future this article series will be a good starting point too ;-)

Usman Bashir has finished a paper about the harmony project he wants to 
present at the open source conference in Lahore Pakistan. He posted it
for public review in his blogs http://spaces.msn.com/members/gripusa and
http://usmanbashir.blogspot.com/, and Jeffrey McManigal emailed him some
suggestions (not posted to the list). So, Usman, I hope you got the help
you wanted and good luck for your presentation.

Finally, Geir has posted a legal update, he changed the Authorized 
Contributor Agreement and took the part about bulk contributions to a
separate document.

Regards, David.
David Tanzer, Guglhupf Studios, http://guglhupf.net
My PGP Public Key: http://guglhupf.net/david/david.asc
Wia da Franklin in Blitzableiter erfunden hat, da warn's alle so
begeistert, dass sogar in Regnschirm an einbaut ham... Damit
der Blitz extraguat einschlagt!
      -- F. Hoislbauer

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