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From Tom Tromey <tro...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: GNU Classpath 0.16 "Harmony!" released
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 18:10:37 GMT
>>>>> "PJ" == PJ Cabrera <pjc_apache@alias.hotpop.com> writes:

PJ> And a big problem it is. If we go with GNU Classpath as the basis of
PJ> the Harmony API, AWT and Swing will depend on GTK+ 2.4 being installed
PJ> on OSX, through DarwinPorts or Fink.

There is nothing stopping anybody from writing peers that work on Mac
OS X, Windows, or anything else.  We already have somebody working on
Qt-based peers.  We would welcome other peer implementation in
Classpath -- it is just that nobody has volunteered to do it.

PJ> In my not so humble opinion, SwingWT is a better alternative, as it
PJ> uses SWT to implement Swing.

There's also nothing preventing an AWT peer implementation based on
SWT :-)

PJ> This is just the top usability problem when trying to build and run
PJ> SableVM and GNU Classpath on OSX the other day. There are build
PJ> problems still to be resolved "the right way" (I just hacked the
PJ> makefiles to get it to build, and had to use Fink to get many of the
PJ> requirement packages, as they weren't part of the base OSX full dev
PJ> tools install.)

Did you try disabling the gtk peers?

Portability fixes (for the build or for the JNI code or whatever) are
also welcome.


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