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From PJ Cabrera <pjc_apa...@alias.hotpop.com>
Subject Re: AWT/Swing
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2005 13:14:12 GMT
Sven, Tom,

Thanks for the suggestions. I mentioned SwingWT in the interest of not 
reinventing the wheel. Of course other peers could be written.

Sven, how far along on the Qt peers are you? Which version of Qt are you 

I'm thinking, Qt is definitely a damn fine library, and runs natively on 
Win32 & Win64, Linux and X11 on many platforms (not just Intel), and on 
Mac OS X PPC (and perhaps soon, native on Mac OS X Intel).

That definitely would remove the complexity (for the majority of users 
that just want something "that just works") of having to install too 
many things just to run a native distribution of Classpath and a FOSS 
VM. They would only have to install Qt for their platform and the 
VM/library distro. The Qt linstall could even be bundled with the 
VM/library for ease of installation.

Hmmm .... :-)

PJ Cabrera
< pjcabrera at snapplatform dot org >

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source integrated Java Dev Environment

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