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From Leo Simons <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject Re: [arch] VM/Classlibrary Interface (take 2)
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:39:33 GMT
Tim Ellison wrote:
> Recently, within IBM, we have been defining the interface between IBM's
> class library and the J9 VM.  We deliberately haven't looked at the GNU
> Classpath/VM interface specification.
> If there is an interest, we can share the interface we are using and
> evolve it as part of harmony.  It would be great if we could share
> experiences with the GNU Classpath VM interface in such a way that the
> Harmony interface was suitable for the widest variety of VMs and class
> libraries.

Cool! It'd be real interesting to try and get n-way interop (eg use
classpath and the J9 VM together, use the J9 classlib and gcj together,
...). I can see how much good stuff could come from that.



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