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From Sven de Marothy <s...@physto.se>
Subject Re: AWT/Swing
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 05:39:11 GMT
On Sat, 2005-07-16 at 00:13 -0400, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

[snip:Blahblahblah, qt licensing]

> That's no fun.  Remember, we're happy w/ people innovating and doing  
> closed source impls of their work if they choose.

Well, you can't do a closed source impl of GTK (LGPL) either. And Open
Motif is the same. SWT is copyleft and out of the question entirely. So
where do you want to draw the proverbial line anyway? Write your own
ASL-licensed widget toolkit? Reimplement the whole operating system? 

It doesn't stop people from doing closed source impls either. Although
it requires a license. OTOH, the LGPL does add certain requirements to
the code that links to it as well. 

Anyway, I frankly don't care. If Harmony doesn't want to use them, then
don't. I'm more concerned with what I want, and what the people actually
using Classpath want, not what this mailing list wants.

> > Just to put things into perspective: You can also make the argument  
> > that
> > a set of Windows or OS X peers wouldn't be distributable by  
> > Classpath or
> > Harmony either, since they need a set of commercial libraries that
> > require you to purchase Windows or OS X.
> Why?

This was in response to Rodrigo saying "Harmony can't use Qt". Let's
forget for a second that Qt is available in FOSS versions, and just
consider it as a proprietary library: 

Where's the fundamental difference between building peers on one
proprietary library (Qt) and the proprietary libraries which happen to
be distributed with proprietary OSes? I don't see any.


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