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From Michael Hind <hi...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: JVM performance article
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 03:44:45 GMT
Steven Gong wrote:

> Is the sampling process done before running or during runtime? 

Sampling, like counter incrementing, is done at runtime.  They are both 
runtime profiling techniques to try to ascertain what methods are 
important.  The profile (whether method counts or samples) is used during 
the same run to drive a strategy of how to use the JIT.

> If it's done during runtime, does it mean that some methods may be 
compiled several time
> by different leveled JIT?

Yes, even systems that use an interpreter as the initial execution 
strategy will have several levels of JITs to use for different types of 
methods.   For example, as the program executes, a medium important method 
may look more important as time goes on, and thus, a higher level of JIT 
optimization can be chosen.

There are two papers that cover the topic of recompilation (using a JIT, 
rather that the details of the JIT) in detail

OOPSLA'00 (Jikes RVM): "Adaptive optimization in the Jalapeno JVM."

OOPSLA'01 (IBM DK): "A dynamic optimization framework for a Java 
just-in-time compiler."


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