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From "Nick Lothian" <nloth...@educationau.edu.au>
Subject RE: [Legal] Requirements for Committers
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 23:01:04 GMT
> Hi all,
> Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> >     a) Having a copy of src.jar on a computer as long as you never
> >        viewed or edited the contents of the file.
> >
> How many people on this list have NEVER looked (not edited) 
> at, say, java.lang.String?
> If you want people with extensive java knowledge to 
> contribute to Harmony this requirement seems like a dead-end 
> to me. Not for the VM internals, but for the class libraries. 
> I suppose that, at least, any curious java developer using 
> eclipse (I don't know about other IDE's) has. Something else 
> would be pretending no one ever looked at src.jar... 
> Don't flame me, please. I'm just trying to address one of my 
> major concerns about Harmony. If this is a MUST requirement, 
> then Sun did a great job when releasing src.jar...

I haven't. I have always expected that one day I'd want to work on an
open source VM, and since I wasn't clear on taint issues I have always
avoided looking at the Java source. I've never hooked src.jar up in the
debugger, and usually I avoid installing it.

I expect other people have also been careful in that regard.


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