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From Steven Gong <steven.g...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [sidenotes] Platform of Platforms
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:50:21 GMT
On 6/14/05, Ahmed Saad <myanywhere@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please note that I'm not by any means trying to raise a debate of any kind
> I'm just trying to brain dump some thoughts about future development
> platforms.
> I thought I'd share a "strange" thought that bubbled up in my mind while i
> was in the metro (aka the underground or the tube). I think what 
> stimulated
> this idea are a set of articles i read about interoperability between java
> and .net. The emphasize here is on code-level interoperability not through
> any XML-based protocols (web services). Another thing is how each of the 
> two
> platforms is trying to port in the best of the other. From tools or
> libraries (Ant -> NAnt, JUnit -> NUnit, etc) to Web development paradigms 
> (
> ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET> <http://ASP.NET> WebForms -> J2EE JSF). I know

> the that under the
> hood WebForms and JSF are totally different but they essentially deliver 
> the
> same: Web applications based on an event model with Page Controllers and 
> can
> be visually designed by drag-and-dropping components in a visual editor. 
> The
> two platforms are heading to the same place: productivity, performance,
> completeness. Did i miss somthing? oh yeah, being Cross-Platform. Both 
> Java
> and .NET are built around machines abstraction runtimes. Sun offcially
> release JREs/JDKs for Windows, Linux and Solaris. Microsoft? .NET only for
> Windows ( but the shared source CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) can 
> be
> build on Windows, FreeBSD and Mac OS X [
> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=3a1c93fa-7462-47d0-8e56-8dd34c6292f0&displaylang=en]
> .
> Mono [http://www.go-mono.com] is taking, driven by Novell, .NET 
> development
> on Unix-likes by a storm. Let's get back to our code-level 
> interoperability
> talk. I think i only have to mention two projects to get to my point: the
> .NET-based JVM implementation known as IKVM [http://www.ikvm.net/] (which
> ships now with Mono) which makes such interoperability a snap, and
> Mainsoft's Grasshopper [http://www.mainsoft.com/], quoting their site:
> "Grasshopper is a Visual Studio .NET(r) plug-in, which enables you to use 
> C#
> or Visual Basic .NET(r) to develop cross-platform ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET>
> <http://ASP.NET>applications that run on Linux
> (r) and any platform running Apache Tomcat."
> Now i finally come to the strange idea. What if someday, somehow, 
> somewhere
> we come to the point where a platform could be developed atop these
> platforms!! Let's call it PX or Png (sure that would be a "next 
> generation"
> platform :). So you write applications for PX and using PX Class Library
> (which is will be engineered to provide unified interface to the 
> underlying
> Java/.NET class library)
> I know it's a totally weird idea but who knows!!! Comments are welcome, 
> for
> sure, and you all have a nice day.

I got the idea of interoperability of java and .NET several years ago when I 
tried to make an avalon like component container to support both java 
components and .NET components. At that time, I was thinking of the solution 
of an xml-like protocol between the components which is quite maintainable 
but may get the poor performance. Your post is quite insteresting and it 
seems feasible to implement it in the VM layer. :)

Best Regards
Steven Gong

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