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From Steve Blackburn <Steve.Blackb...@anu.edu.au>
Subject Re: [modules] classloader/jit interface
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 09:51:41 GMT
Hi Kazuyuki,

>>I guess that the reason why Jikes RVM does not have an interpreter is
>>mainly its implementation language Java, not for performance:
Not really.  JRocket makes the same choice.

One argument is that it is simpler to have a compile-only infrastructure 
rather than one that can deal with both compiled execution and 
interpretation.  If the cost & performance of baseline compilation is 
comparable to interpretation then the advantage of a single mode of 
execution could be worthwhile.

>>Imagine us implementing an interpreter in Java language.  We need
>>another Java runtime to execute the interpreter, otherwise the
>>interpreter has been compiled into native code. A Java runtime should
>>be self-containing (except bootstrapping) and then the interpreter has
>>to be compiled. We have to implement a compiler in advance of an
>Can we use a pre-existing AOT compiler like GCJ to compile our
>interpreter? It will be difficult because compiled code has to be
>compliant with the internal structure (e.g. execution engine
>interface) of targetted Java runtime and other AOT compilers do not
>comply with it.
On a platform for which we support optimized compilation, say IA32, then 
of course we have our own compiler with which we can compile the 
interpreter.  On a more obscure platform for which Harmony does not have 
an optimizing compiler, then this presents a problem.

I see at least three solutions to this problem:

1. Write the interpreter in C and depend on gcc's portability.
2. Write the interpreter in Java and depend on gcj's portability.
3. Leverage gcc or gcj to automatically build a (non-optimizing) 
compiler back end, and then use that.

Step 3 is an adaptation of the approach used by Gregg and Ertl for their 
portable forth VM.  This appeals to me.


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