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From PJ Cabrera <pjc_apa...@alias.hotpop.com>
Subject Re: Summer of Code, something for Harmony?
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 23:15:13 GMT

On 6/1/05, Werner Schuster (murphee) <werner.schuster@gmail.com> wrote:
 > - something with http://www.snapplatform.org/   (using JikesRVM,
 > Kaffe,... instead of SableVM or as alternatives that can
 >  be switched)... Maybe add gcj support + preinstalled (in Eclipse)
 > tools to facilitate getting a native binary from Java source code 
with gcj,
 >  so a user just has to use SNAP and is not hassled with other setup
 > for gcj.

Me likey! Great idea. Already talking with my colleague Kevin and with 
our student software engineer team about possibilities.

But to be honest, I'm wary of changing VM and/or compiler wily nilly. I 
need a good reason why it should be GCJ / JikesRVM / Kaffe. I like 
SableVM just fine. It will take a very strong case. ;-D

Oh, you said "alternatives that can be switched". I have no reason to 
not like that approach! Never mind then.

I am all for providing working proof that open source Java 
implementations are viable and practical. That's what the project's FOSS 
JVM focus is all about. The more working VMs the merrier.

PJ Cabrera
http://snapplatform.org - The only totally open source integrated Java 
Dev Environment

PS - Coming up: release of SNAPPIX 0.7 - SNAP Platform 0.7.x 
pre-installed in a KNOPPIX-based live CD

PPS - Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

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