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From "Werner Schuster (murphee)" <werner.schus...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Summer of Code, something for Harmony?
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 17:02:33 GMT
Erik Axel Nielsen wrote:

>suggestions for coders [2]. Does anyone think that Harmony could be one of
>those suggestions? It would certainly give us a kick start. Google's site is
>at [3]
I thought the same thing... the question is: What would be a specific  3
month project that could
really help?

Some ideas:
 - implementing a particular missing part of GNU CLASSPATH. There are
things like Java Sound, ImageIO, java.lang.management,  ...
   that would probably be feasible in that time frame. (maybe even
adding the full CORBA support but I don't know if that wouldn't be too
much work).
 - something with http://www.snapplatform.org/   (using JikesRVM,
Kaffe,... instead of SableVM or as alternatives that can
   be switched)... Maybe add gcj support + preinstalled (in Eclipse)
tools to facilitate getting a native binary from Java source code with gcj,
   so a user just has to use SNAP and is not hassled with other setup
for gcj.
 - GUI or graphics support for JNode. The deliverable for this would be
a JNode version that could run a non-trivial Java GUI app
   (Eclipse might be pushing it probably... but maybe something like
RSSOwl or jEdit; it would need to be investigated, whether
   to get SWT or AWT support first);

The first item would enhance the usefulness of GNU CLASSPATH, the 2nd
would facilitate showcasing free JVMs, the third would
allow more impressive demos with JNode;

Note: I know these things don't relate *directly* of this Apache Harmony
idea of providing an own JVM, but anything that
improves the GNU CLASSPATH project or makes  free JVMs more acceptable
to developers  can only be beneficial.
Anyone interested in that, might also look at the efforts that go into
providing Eclipse and free JVMs in Linux distros
 (like this for Ubuntu: http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaRoadmap );

Blog @ http://jroller.com/page/murphee

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