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From Enrico Migliore <enrico.migli...@fatti.com>
Subject Re: some ideas
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 11:00:12 GMT

>>1. In order not re-invent the wheel, it would be better to start from
>>     JVM Sun's implementation. The code, if  I'm not wrong, is public.
>>     Or, at least, from a solid implementation.
>The license is restrictive enough to force FreeBSD users to download
>manually and separately Sun's code and the patches....
I meant, taking a look at the code and the strategies adopted.

>>2. An attracting feature would be designing the Harmony JVM to be portable
>>    across Windows and Linux.
>Hum ... I would rather it exists on non linux free unices & some embedded
>systems, that really are in need for a /good/ JVM. (win$ can be supported of
>course, but I am not sure win$ users are the main target, at the beginning)
One way to make the JVM portable could be designing an interface layer
between the JVM
and the underlying OS, just like the Apache Portable Runtime.

I confirm that embedded systems are in strong need for a reliable open
source JVM.
As far as I know , the only reliable JVMs for embedded systems are: J9
and Esmertec's.
I've worked on the OSGi/J9/Linux/Arm and all worked fine, as far as the
J9 was concerned.


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