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From "Dan Lydick" <dlyd...@earthlink.net>
Subject Re: [arch] How much of java.* and friends does Harmony need towrite. Was: VM/Classlibrary interface
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

> [Original Message]
> From: Sven de Marothy <sven@physto.se>
> To: <dlydick@earthlink.net>
> Cc: <harmony-dev@incubator.apache.org>
 > Date: 6/4/05 10:59:31 AM
> Subject: Re: [arch] How much of java.* and friends does Harmony need
towrite.  Was: VM/Classlibrary interface
> On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 14:01 -0500, Dan Lydick wrote:
> > At least this is my idea.  I don't know if this is
> > actually possible because it is heavily dependent
> > on the library implementation from vendor X, Y, and
> > Z.  I do like the idea of using/reusing GNU Classpath
> > where it shines and of Harmony either contributing to
> > it or extending it where some improvements are
> > appropriate or writing complete replacements where
> > the implementation is too weak for our use.  At least
> > this is what I have gathered from others in the
> > discussion on the list on this subject.
> The way I've intepreted most of the posts here, is that most were
> decidedly against forking Classpath. What makes you think that there are
> Harmony-specific improvements to be made which wouldn't be usable by
> others? 
> I feel like there's a lot of uncertainty being cast on GNU Classpath
> here for no reason. A lot of folks seem to have the impression we've got
> different goals and/or priorities. We do not. 

I suppose I need to do some more homework then.
If GNU Classpath is used without modification for
numerous VM's, then great!  Ultimately, what I am
looking for is what the native calls do, which _will_
become VM-dependent at some point.  As long as they
return the same result to the class library, however,
there should be no reason to have to change that library.

> > This is the extent of what I mean.  I don't want to
> > re-invent any wheels that don't need it.
> Ok. Well I still don't understand. Classpath has a VM-classlib interface
> which is being used by a whole bunch of VMs. If that inteface isn't good
> enough for Harmony (and given that the Harmony JVM does not exist, it
> seems premature to decide that it isn't), then I'd suggest improving it
> instead of reimplementing a bunch of stuff.

Well, maybe I don't either.  Perhaps I am demonstrating my
ignorance of part of this subject :) here.

> /Sven

Dan Lydick

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