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From Sven de Marothy <s...@physto.se>
Subject Re: The Classpath VM interface. (Please read)
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 03:38:34 GMT
On Tue, 2005-06-07 at 12:36 +1000, Peter Donald wrote:
> [A] Suns rt.jar and derivatives (such as IBMs) class libraries
> [B] GNU Classpaths class libraries
> In an ideal world Harmony VM would be able to use either [A] or [B]
> with a small adapter layer. Much like MMTk can be used in multiple VMs
> with a small adapter layer.

If you have downloaded Harmony, which intends to be a full JDK including 
a VM and class library, why would you want to be able to use that with the 
class library from a different JDK? 

Disregarding the illegality of distributing such a combo, there is no good 
practical reason for wanting that either.

> It seems unlikely that either [A] or [B] is going to invest the time in 
> trying to develop a common VM interface because they are not interested in 
> facilitating reuse of the alternative. 

Java specifications are created by the JCP and not Sun. This issue
should be raised there before jumping to conclusions like that.

And as a Classpath developer (but speaking for myself), I feel that we
would be quite happy to use a common VM interface, if there was a such a
specification. Unless of course if it was so extremely bad, that all the
Classpath-using VMs refused to use it. Which I think is unlikely.

> So it is probably going to be up to a third party like Harmony to 
> investigate a common VM layer.

Harmony is not a third party. We're all in this together. However,
Harmony can help solve this. Apache has a good standing in the JCP, and
thus better chances than most for getting this specified.

> I am not sure it is going to be possible either technically or politically but it 
> is an interesting idea and worth trying.

The politics are easier when you work from an open mind.


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