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From "Ravi kiran Gorrepati" <r...@cs.unm.edu>
Subject Re: mudGE JavaVM.
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 10:10:19 GMT
On Wed, 11 May 2005 19:30:29 -0600, Peter Donald <peter@realityforge.org>  

> Tom van Dijck wrote:
>> Now, of course there are lost of other VM's out there so this one isn't
>> anything special, but it does follow the harmony.jpg design a great  
>> deal,
>> which is why I though sharing it might be of any use.
>> It is written fully from ground up, doesn't use any other GPL'ed code
>> anywhere, and runs on pretty much all platforms I've tested it on.
>> (Playstation2, Xbox, PC, Gamecube) One detail though is that since I'm  
>> using
>> it on game platforms and use it as a scripting engine, I have written a  
>> very
>> small and custom runtime, which doesn't follow any of the J2SE  
>> standards.
>>  Well, uhm... I would be more then happy to share and learn, in case of
>> interest that is.
> neat!
> I am sure people would be more than interested in seeing the work you  
> have done so far. It may help people get an  understanding of the  
> requirements of a different platform or maybe useful as a base or  
> something to integrate into another JVM.

On a similar note, there is a JVM I have heard of, called Joeq(pronounced  
It is mostly a one man project, and is GPL'ed, probably some one can  
him to release it under APL.


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