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From Tom Tromey <tro...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Apache Harmony / GNU Classpath
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 21:29:50 GMT
>>>>> "Stu" == Stu Statman <gurustu@att.net> writes:

Stu> Would it be possible for someone from the GNU Classpath community ...
Stu> if any are on this list ... to give an overview of the status of GNU
Stu> Classpath? How complete is it now? How much work do they anticipate it
Stu> being to get to 1.5?

You can see nightly reports here:


This doesn't show everything -- japi hasn't been updated for the 1.5
features, so it won't say whether a class needs to be genericized.
Still, a lot of this has been done, in particular java.util.

Stu> It would be nice to get the nickel tour, giving the lay of the land,
Stu> an explanation of who the players are, of where volunteers are most
Stu> needed, of how 1.5 code gets submitted. I don't think it's in
Stu> anybody's interests for a bunch of new devs who don't know the
Stu> internal culture of GNU Classpath to storm in and start tromping
Stu> around.

There should be a fair amount of info about the development processes
on the Classpath web site.

The usual process is: write a patch, including a ChangeLog entry, then
send it all to the classpath-patches list.  For best results, also
write a test for inclusion in Mauve.  You'll need to go through the
FSF paperwork process for anything that isn't completely trivial (this
is easy).

Someone will check your patch in, or discuss it with you.  Do this for
a while and you're likely to get cvs commit access.  In general, bug
fixes and new classes/packages/etc can just go in without discussion;
for more controversial stuff it is better to discuss first.

1.5 changes go on the 'generics branch', just put '[generics]' in the

Development proceeds (as with Apache I suppose) according to each
developer's interest.  Lately those of us at Red Hat have mostly been
working to get some specific big java applications working: eclipse,
tomcat, ant, their many dependencies, jonas, and OO.o.  This mostly
seems to mean bug fixing and minor additions here and there.


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