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From Vic Cekvenich <netsqlm...@roomity.com>
Subject Re: [arch] The Third Way : C/C++ and Java and lets go forward
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 13:23:03 GMT
Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

> I spend a good portion of my few spare cycles pondering C# and Mono.   I 
> don't have enough of them to have reached any intelligent  conclusion, 
> though :)

I am an (mainly Java) application's developer. When I develop one, I 
want to be able to deploy to Windoze users also.
If I can compile my Java app to ANSI CLI "p-code", it's a lot easier to 
deploy to Windows, since then there is no need for me to deploy ANY 
other run time, so I just ship my application. So it's a smaller too.
(How I get this to work w/ WebStart... I duno YET! I assume Suse will 
have CLI runtime built in also).
This way Harmiony may not need to have a "run-time" for Windowze, if it 
moves up the food chain and only emits "p-code".

I wrote some GTK# (sharp) apps, and they are fine.

> Well, I think that wrt trying to eliminate C++ and C, you've just  moved 
> the problem elsewhere - because we'll still need a set of  portable 
> intrinsics and bootstrapper, and C++/C are natural candidates.
> That said, I would assume that properly architected, you could follow  
> the same pattern and build in the framework we devise a CLI using the  
> same techniques in C# used in Java.
> I think that's interesting, and certainly would build a larger  
> community, but my personal interest is a compatible implementation of  
> J2SE.

Yes, must be compatible! (this way if somone OS has Java-compatible JRE 
on it, I do not have to deploy the JRE. I would only deploy Harmony JRE 
if they do not have one. X-Box/PlayStation + OpenGL for our 3D needs 
;-). If Sun/JRockit  /Apple cover it, not a huge need, unless HW 
manafuctures want a better license )

Yes, I wish to minimize C/C++. Yuck. I used to teach both, those brain 
cells now invoke gag reflex.
The native part is for run time, I have to remind self. I listed people 
that solve cross platform development(Ex: Geko GTK+, OpenGL(like SWT). 
The HTTP cross platform C is in wrong direction for us, it does not 
touch GUI, and bolting it on I predict would be a blind alley).
Include a dll, .so and Cocoa libraries to be called via JNI, like SWT does.

Did I usee enought acryonyms?

Is there any more chances of haveing people that did Eclipse 3.16 on FC4 
join Harmony in some way?


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