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From Bryce Leo <likwidoxi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Developing Harmony
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 03:09:55 GMT
> We are *NOT* going to be writing a JVM from scratch, we are open for
> donations.

So why wasn't this cleared up from the start? Why state steadfastly
that it was open and plausible. Ambiguity wastes time, obviously,
maybe the Apache "moderators" (for lack of a better word) should go
and list what is probably plausible and probably not plausible for the
suggested implementation of the jvm, libraries etc.

> Currently we have two potential candidates:
>   - jc (written in C)
>   - jikes rvm (written in java)

Between those two I'm on the side of jc becuase it should run faster
than jikes rvm, I don't know why it wouldn't. Though I don't know why
Kaffe isn't on the list.

> if you own a JVM written in Pascal or C++ or Lisp or Smalltalk or OCML
> or Perl or Oberon or Prolog or ADA or Eiffel or RPG/3 or COBOL or
> whatever other programming language and you are willing to donate it and
> license it under the Apache License, make your voice heard on the
> language topic, if not, don't!

And this part is completely unnecessary, and bothersome. If you have
somethign to say, say it and don't bother with the flaming.

~Bryce Leo

--Veritas Vos Liberabis--

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