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From Bryce Leo <likwidoxi...@gmail.com>
Subject Organizing the Mailing List
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 22:48:26 GMT
As harmony is just getting started, there is a great deal of good
suggestions, questions and offers for help. Ever since the Slashdot
announcement I personally think that the number of people whom have
joined and offered their services has clearly gone up and to promote
organization I'm proposing a naming scheme for subject of emails. The
Bulletin board style tags are just to promote reading ease.

First lets look at what seem to be the larger topics of discussion.

JVM: The Java Virtual Machine, where to start, different available
codebases and strategies.

Compiler: Creating a javac like tool.

Documentation: It's always easier to document as you go along and well
documented code can save tons of time in tracking down bugs.

Libraries: Which ones to choose or develop individually

Tools: The associated java tools, applet viewer, jar, etc.

Introduction: This would be used for if your'e introducing yourself,
listing prior experience, etc.

DevPriority: The overall discussion of which parts of harmony should
be developed first.

Target OS: Seems small but it doesn't belong as a part of any other so
it gets its own.

Licensing: Should really be a minor concern for now, once we pick up
steam this issue will be logically sorted out. It's and
inter-dependancy (i apologize if i used the word wrong), choosing a
licence effects our code base choices and visa-versa

Organization: How things should be organized.

Below these would be sub-categories that would provide more insight
into the larger topic.

Suggestion: General suggestion(s) for a particular topic.

Questions: Questions about a particular topic.

DevPriority: Probably shouldn't be used yet, would be used for
sub-development. i.e. What order things should be developed for the

Organization: How things should be organized.

So say for example you wanted to send a brand new suggestion for the
JVM the topic of the post would be "JVM--Suggestion" and if you wanted
to ask a questions about a compiler it would be "Compiler--question"
and so on like that.

This should be friendly for both threaded and un-threaded mail
clients. And under this system this mail would be
"Organization--Organization" but for now that's irrelevant.

I think this system would really help focus the group and allow people
to easily tune in to what interests them and keep a tab on the general
flow of the project, while right now things seem a bit "willy-nilly".

What do you think?
~Bryce Leo

--Veritas Vos Liberabis--

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