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From "Mark Brooks" <jmb_perso...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Developing Harmony
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 20:58:40 GMT
>Now don't go too crazy for my suggesting this, but why not pascal?

Which dialect?  ISO or GPC?  Free Pascal or Delphi? (and if Delphi, which 
version) etc..

Ada95 is superior for most purposes to Pascal, is more standardized (there 
is only one standard) and is also widely available.  It also produces very 
stable, reliable, maintainable applications, and has great standard thread 
support.  There are widely available free implementations.  It has seen 
heavy use in embedded and real-time applications (where many C/C++ compilers 
don't cut the mustard and real-time Java is still ghosty) which by their 
nature bear a strong resemblance to a VM and have a similar problem domain.

However, most people's exposure to Pascal is long ago and in an academic 
context, at least here in the States. I think most schools here have used C 
or C++, some have moved to Java, and there are some that avoid "business 
languages" altogether, using stuff like Scheme.  On the other hand, C, C++, 
and Java are more likely to be known to the developer base that would be 
interested in this project.

My comment is not intended to be a flame for the Pascal fans.  I know that 
Free Pascal has just come out with 2.0, and there are many people, 
particularly in Europe, who cut their teeth on Pascal.  If we are looking at 
something outside the "C family" (i.e. C/C++/Java/C#) as an implementation 
language, my opinion is that Pascal is not necessarily the best choice even 
among imperitive programming languages.  However, most open source 
development centers around "C family" languages, and there is the issue of 
critical mass as well as of technical suitability.  I guess the answer for 
me is that Pascal in the round doesn't really offer that much of an 
advantage over using a "C family" language to set off the disadvantages.

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