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From "theUser BL" <theuse...@hotmail.com>
Subject Against using Java to implement Java (Was: Java)
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 11:17:19 GMT
I hope you use C to write the VM for Harmony.

The reason is, that I think, that the best is, if Harmony is nearly 100% 
compatible to Suns Java.

If you write the VM in Java itself, then there existing some problems:
1. you need a native-code compiler (like gcj) to create it. And if Harmony 
itself is a native-code compiler it is not 100% compatible to Suns JVM.
2. I don't know how you want to create a JNI-Interface for C, if the JVM is 
written in Java.
3. The best would be, if all *.DLL (on Windows) and *.so (on 
Linux/Unix/MacOSX) files are like Suns one. For example: Older J2SEs used 
Symmantecs JITter. And it is possible that there existing firms which try to 
replace also some other parts of Java with its own one. So it would be nice, 
if then Harmony can use this replacements, too.


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