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From "theUser BL" <theuse...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Harmony may provide a more general VM than JVM
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 11:44:18 GMT
>Harmony is focus on provide a Tiger compatible JVM, but i think it is
>possible to make it more general for other language such as .NET, Haskell,
>Smalltalk etc.

I think in this point it would be better, to go the way like Haiku (the 
The first and importants goal is, to be 100% compatible (in this case: to 
Suns Java).
If there existing by developing the possibility to write minor improvements, 
which don't break the compatiblity, then they can be integrated.
Only if the first goal is reached, bigger improvements are possible.

>the Harmony VM may define such a VM core, such as memory management, 
>multithread support, object layout etc, that is general for most VM. also, 
>it can
>define a bytecode of itself as its native bytecode. then other bytecode can
>be translate to the general bytecode and then JITed.

Ths first goal is to be compatible. So be careful, that VM-extensions which 
don't break compatiblity to the current Sun VM, also can not break 
compatiblity to newer Sun VMs, how ever they would look like.

There existing a lot of things, where I thing, that the current Java-model 
is obsolet.

For example, that the compiler don't create *.jar files direct. Instead of 
that, it creates a lot of *.class files and directories. It is so, like 
OpenOffice.org would create loos XML-files and graphics and says (zip it 
yourself) insted of creating direct one document-file in which is all 
Or in the class-libraries. For beginners it would be better, if there 
existing a System.in.readln().

But that would only extensions. The goal of Harmony would be 100% compatible 
to Suns Java. The extensions are in this stage unimportant.

Btw: Is GNU Classpath already dual-licensed - under the GPL and the APL2 ?


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