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From Wes Wannemacher <techg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Windows support
Date Wed, 11 May 2005 13:02:35 GMT
On 5/10/05, Bob <citibob@earthlink.net> wrote:
> I would add to this.  It's a story we've seen time and time again.
> First came GCC.  Not only was it a free compiler, but it was also the
> first compiler that ran the SAME on all (then extant) platforms.  Over
> the course of about 5 years, it overtook and superceded all other C
> compilers (except Microsoft's) for that reason.  This is the power of
> "embrace and extend", turned around to the free software world.
> Same thing with Mozilla.  I use Firefox on my Linux, Mac and PCs.  Why?
>   Why don't I use IE or Safari or Konqueror so much?  Because Firefox is
> cross-platform, I can use it the same way wherever I go.
> Why has Evolution NOT taken over Email even though it had the lead on
> full-text indexing for AT LEAST 2 years?  (This is something Outlook
> STILL didn't do last time I checked).  Because Evolution runs ONLY on
> Linux.
> I believe it's essential to get Harmony running on Windows.  It will
> inevitably be different from Sun's Java: the bugs will be different,
> some features will be missing, and some extra features will be added.
> If Harmony runs cross-platform, then a Harmony-java developer can be
> sure a program will run on Linux/Windows/Mac.  If not, then the Harmony
> developer must always drag out the Sun implementation to make sure the
> app runs on Sun's Java (which will be required for windows).  And once
> you've dragged out Sun's Java, why bother using Harmony at all?  No one
> wants to do QA on their program twice, if they only have to do it once.

I want to play devil's advocate here and mention that Sun's JVM does
run on a variety of platforms with few if any platform specific quirks
(in my experience). And, the reality of the matter is that a project
*will* be QE'd if it is moved to a completely different host platform.

Although, I do agree wholeheartedly that Harmony should run as
described on as many platforms as possible. I do think however, that
it should perform better than Sun's JVM. With the exception of
idealistic OS distributions (Debian, Gentoo), Sun's JVM is likely to
continue to be packaged. The users will come if there is a compelling
reason to do so (i.e. easy integration and optimizations for Tomcat).

Just my $.02


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