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From Bob <citi...@earthlink.net>
Subject Re: State of the World (it's security)
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 12:47:10 GMT
> Please do some research before posting...

I'm glad to learn about all the progress that's being made.  My 
comments are based on correspondence I had last summer with the FSF.  
At that time, there were no compunctions against criticizing me for 
"falling into the Java trap", and yet no expressed interest in building 
a free implementation of the security model either.  The attitude was 
"if your program can't run on GCJ, it's not worth writing."  As of last 
summer, Java was the ONLY system that could do what I needed on Linux.

Also, as you point out, the security implementations you describe have 
made encouraging progress, but have not reached a trustworthy state.

> Classpath and report (and fix!) any issues found. Integrate 
> gcjwebplugin
> out of process with SELinux mandatory access controls when run from
> mozilla.

I'm somewhat confused here.  Will this security implementation only 
work for applets being run from within Mozilla, or are the more general 
Java 2 Security Model ideas being implemented, available to all Java 

== Bob

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