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From David Griffiths <david.griffi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Against using Java to implement Java (Was: Java)
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 11:19:22 GMT
By having the JIT produce code to inline the object allocation using
its knowledge of the GC internals. I'm not recommending this approach,
just saying that this is how things tend to be done in practice. And
if you want to compete on speed then you're going to have to address
the issue. (This seems to be an area where Java in Java wins if I
understand it right, ie you can have your modularity cake and eat it



On 5/18/05, Ben Laurie <ben@algroup.co.uk> wrote:
> David Griffiths wrote:
> > I think it's too slow to have the overhead of a function call for
> > every object allocation. This is the cost of modularization. I doubt
> > any of the mainstream JVMs you are competing with do this.
> How do you propose to allocate objects without function calls?
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