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From "ALEJANDRO GONZALEZ" <agonza...@NETexplora.com>
Subject Re: Harmony goals and priorities
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 01:02:55 GMT
> 1. Performance: At least as fast as HotSpot, but faster (on benchmarks
> that
> matter to the customer) is always better
> 2. Manageability/diagnostics: This is an area that JRockit has invested a
> great deal in the last few years. Memory leak detection, zero overhead
> profiling, fast debugging, real-time manageability/diagnostics, etc.
> 3. AOP: This is an area that has started to get a lot of attention lately.
> The whole idea of ³weaving² of code, or byte-code instrumentation in
> general, will go away entirely if the JVM handled this. The more
> commercial
> products we have out there that instrument byte codes, the more likely we
> are to have conflicts ­ the ³multiple agent² problem
> 4. Clustering/resource management: Another area that the Java Runtime
> should
> naturally own.

I would add

5. Modularity: The user can choose to use the GCs, class verifiers,
interpeters, etc that (s)he likes. And more, the ability to create
personalized VMs putting together different components, for example a
small footprint VMs for old systems, state of art server VMs, etc...

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